How You Could Save More Out of Your AC this summer

One thing that we know about ACs or air conditioning systems is that it can make the electricity bills hit the ceiling when it is used for a long time. Fortunately, there are a few ways on how you take advantage of the AC without having to spend much – especially as the summer months draw near.

Stop sharing the AC with everyone else

If you’re living in a rather aged home, the cold air out of your AC is probably getting through to your neighbors out of cracks and holes from walls, doors, window seals and others. For you to check how well your living quarters is in holding cold, you can ask the services of a home energy audit to check for any leakage that makes your home less energy efficient.

If you’re worried about the fees that come with audits then you can also have the option to do the auditing yourself. A good way to check for cracks and seams where the cold air from your AC could escape to is by going outside and running your hand over walls, windows and doors. If you feel the cold air escaping from certain areas, then you’ll know what you need to fix in your house.


Your AC could also be worth upgrading for much lesser consumption and expenses. Good AC versions to upgrade to include Lyric, Lux, Nest or Ecobee – all of which provide efficient power consumption and are all smart thermostats.  Quality cooling and heating services can help make this process easy.

Position your thermostat over the right place

To be able to make full use of your AC, a good thermostat placement is also essential. If you have your AC close to a window that is usually hot, your AC will think that the room is hot thus will work more to provide cold air. This immediately converts to a few dollars on the bill seeing that the air conditioner will be kicking on much more power.

Using these few simple tips, you can create a substantial decrease in your AC bill.