Collaborative Underwater Robots for Offshore Industry

Today, DTU inaugurates a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in e.g. offshore wind turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection, and the long-term vision is that it will be able to carry out underwater repairs on foundations and rigs.

Global Wind Energy Council Secretary General Steve Sawyer this week writes in his Global Wind Energy Insight: “Cratering prices, a new generation of machines, maturation of the supply chain and continuous improvement through experience have brought the European offshore wind industry to the point where it can now supply competitively priced renewable power in very large volumes.”

As the global offshore wind market continues its steady rise, a second-tier industry will grow with it to provide the technologies to support the operations and maintenance of the global wind fleet. Check out the story from Technical University of Denmark about a modular robot that would inspect the condition of offshore wind turbine foundations. Researchers are working now on the software and hardware necessary for the robot’s underwater operations.

Read more from Steve Sawyer about the global offshore wind market here.

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